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Item care & cleaning:

I would like to pass along some information about questions that arise with handmade, artisan jewelry & accessories, in particular, polymer clay items. 

Of course, if you do not see the information you are looking for here, please reach out.

You can also download a copy of the quick "care reference" information here.

About Polymer Clay items:

  • Some earring styles may look heavy, however, polymer clay is a surprisingly lightweight material! The average weight of one of my earrings is less than that of a .25 cent, quarter. 

  • The hand-formed, artistic nature of my items mean that colour, size & pattern vary from set to set, piece to piece.

  • Polymer clay, when baked properly, is also surprisingly sturdy. However, this does not mean that you should be rough with it, or bend it to breaking point. I suggest you do not sleep with your earrings in, or do aggressive exercise as pieces could snap. 

  • While polymer clay can get wet, it is strongly advised to remove your jewelry before showering, swimming (chlorine is bad), and taking part in sports. 

How do I know the size?

  • I have listed a photo of my earring cards with a ruler beside it. This can be used as  visual reference to the length of the set against the card. Same cards for all earrings except studs.

Jewelry Hardware:

  • All jewelry hardware is hypoallergenic - 100% nickel & lead free. 

  • Please attach earring backings to dangles! I supply the rubber backings for the dangles, not just the posts. This type of earring often gets dislodged from swishing of hair or clothing, or even just movement in general. It would be sad to lose one!

  • As these pieces are fashion jewelry, extra care should be taken to maximize their lifespan. 

  • Gently twist the backs off of earrings, avoid straight pulling.


  • Avoid harsh cleaners, chlorine (swimming), nail polish remover, jewelry cleaners & alcohol as they can dissolve the clay.

  • Also antibacterial soaps may contain components that will make the jewelry fade or breakdown, so it is not advised for cleaning with.

  • Using a soft cloth, cotton wipe, or hey...even a baby wipe is sufficient. 

  • If your jewelry needs more cleaning you may clean it with warm, soapy water. Soak it for a few minutes and dry with a soft cloth.


  • Store all pieces in a cool, dry place when not in use.

  • Keep items away from chemicals, dampness, perfumes & lotions.

  • Hanging earrings on a stand would be ideal for storage, or even attaching them to a piece of hanging material like a scarf, alone in a small box, or on a trinket tray.

  • Anything suitable to help avoid sharp items from scratching the finish of your jewelry

  • Store like items together. Do not store gold plating and silver plating together. The different metals will cause each other to fade and/or turn colours. Have different storage places for different colours of metals like gold and rose gold.

Inch measurement

Allow your jewelry to be the final accent to your wardrobe. Adorn yourself AFTER you have applied makeup, lotions, hair products and perfume. This will preserve their beauty and protect their surface from scratches.


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