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* earrings OR necklace, please see note!

Nothing subtle about this blast of bright pink!

A 30mm bright pink floral, paired with a large 18mm faux pearl, these stunners make a statement!


Okay, check this out...


1) Love the floral but the pearl is just too "out there" for you.... I have also created these with a 10mm faux pearl!


2) Still too much pearl for you? There is also a set with three 4mm faux pearls leading to the floral!


3) Dangle style just not your thing? I have also created these in a HOOP! 


**Choose carefully below, I know I gave you many choices there**


*Price is for the earrings OR necklace.  Please have a look at the other items in my "Pretty in Pink" collection to complete a set!


Ecclesiastes 3:11

"He has made everything beautiful in its time"

Pink Pearl Blast

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